Robbers of the Rails:
The Sontag Boys of Minnesota

Documentary currently in production based on the book
John J. Koblas about the Sontag-Evans outlaw gang.

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Chris Evans, George Sontag - Tracks near St Peter
Tom "Dakota" Jones (l) as Chris Evans and Jefferson "Renegade" Alan as George Sontag
plan their next train hold up outside St Peter, Minnesota in the documentary "Robbers of the Rails".

Ole Oleson and Bass Reeve
Ole Oleson (l) as the train's fireman, Frank Bartlett and Bass Reeves as Man at Train Platform.
Relaxing on the set
Cast of "Robbers of the Rails" relaxing between takes.

Ole Oleson and Bass Reeve
George Sontag, Chris Evans Riding Away
After making plans to rob the Omaha train
out of St Peter, Minnestota
George Sontag & Chris Evans
ride off to hide their horses in a draw.

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