Blue Earth County, Minnesota

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To find the Red Jacket Railway Bridge take Hwy 66 out of Mankato through the Indian Lake area and past the Mount Kato ski slopes. Shortly after crossing Hwy 90 you will see the trestle as it appears to rise out of the hills.

The Red Jacket Railway Bridge may be accessed by using the Red Jacket Bike Trail.

The trail starts near the Burger King on South River Front Drive.
(see Below for visual verification)
Red Jacket Bridge 2

Red Jacket Bridge 2 Recently the Red Jacket Bike Trail has been developed for bike riders to pedal through the beautiful Red Jacket Valley. The trail begins in Mankato, crosses the Red Jacket Railway Bridge and ends up at Rapidan.

The Red Jacket Trail is connected to other bike trails including the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail. With this web of bike trails a bike rider can spend hours viewing the majestic scenery of Southern Minnesota.

For more information on the
Red Jacket Bridge read:

History of the Red Jacket Valley by Julie Schrader.
Red Jacket Bridge by Julie Shrader Available through:

Minnesota Heritage

Around the Area

Standing within the shadow of the Red Jacket Trestle is the bus of Nine Toes. Nine Toes is an area stunt driver and daredevil who lives along the Red Jacket Road.

Nine Toes' Bus

Rapidan Dam

Rapidan Dam Bridge
The Red Jacket Bridge crosses the Le Sueur River just a ways up stream from where it meets the Blue Earth River. Farther upstream on the Blue Earth River sits the Rapidan Dam. The dam was built in 1910 to harness the power of the river. To find the dam follow Hwy 66 through Strand Ravine out of the Le Sueur River valley and turn right on Hwy 23. The road will go through the town of Rapidan and eventually cross the bridge in the above picture.

Rapidam Dam is on the lower left of the picture. At one time the highway went directly over the dam. For reasons of safety and other factors this newer bridge was built and the highway was rerouted.


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