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A Biography By Helen Clapesattle (1908-1993)

by Roger Ashton
Staff Writer

This page will feature a review of the Helen Clapesattle's book, The Doctors Mayo.

This section is currently under constuction. But until it has been completed, please be made aware that, although the pictured copy from a 1954 printing is no longer in print, it may be available in used bookstores. The book has gone through a number of printings and is probably still in print.

Current copies are available at the Mayo House Gift Shop in Le Sueur, Minnesota. At this writing there are two used copies at a reasonable price on the shelf at the Once Read Bookstore in Mankato, Minnesota.

Other Books about the Mayos:
The Mayo Brothers: Doctors to the World (Community Builders) by Lucile Davis
Will and Charlie Mayo: Boy Doctors by Marie Hammontree
Mayo: The Story of My Family and My Career by Dr. Charles W. Mayo

Doctors Mayo Book Cover

The book, The Doctors Mayo is about the life of Dr. W. W. Mayo and the formation of the world famous Mayo Clinic. Beginning with William Worrall Mayo's life in England the reader is led through the young man's career in the United States which eventually led him to the frontier state of Minnesota.

Highlights of the book include his work with refugees during the Dakota War of 1862 and his encouragement of Minnesota-raised Sir Henry Wellcome, who went on to fame in the world of pharmacy.

Throughout the book the underlying theme is Dr. Mayo's education and his determination to keep current with the latest medical developments. A determination not only for himself but for his two sons and for other doctors with whom he associated.

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