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Maudie Bucks - 2002

Brief Band Background

The EAST SIDE PHARAOHS have been one of the most dynamic, interesting and entertaining bands in the Southern Minnesota/Northern Iowa area since 1974.

The band's history goes back to the early 1970's when Riff answered an ad for musicians to form a group that did 1950's music in the style and dress of the era. At that point Spiff Cool and the Keeno Jets was born.
After the Jets had spent two years performing for dancing crowds in the five-state area Studs and then Sticks joined the band. Because of a career change in his life, Spiff moved away to the northern part of Minnesota and the remaining members formed the EAST SIDE PHARAOHS.

East Side Pharaohs - 1980

Clancy, Studs and Riff: "Pose Down at Norton Street" (1979)

Flapper and Pinky - Spring, 1988

Flapper and Pinky
enjoying the day (Spring 1988)

They chose the name "Pharaohs" from the gang in the 1973 movie American Graffiti. The "East Side" part came from the East Side Kids who made a series of movies in the 40's and eventually evolved into the Bowery Boys.

Over the next ten years various musicians have been: Myron 'Keys' Morgan, Betty Lou McVey, and Clancy Hayes.

In 1983 Flapper Tank Ball and Pinky Jean joined the band.

The following decade brought such members as: Diamond Fingers, Hep Cat Splat, Sparko Mattick, Ace the Face, Dirty Dean, Mad Jack, Flossie, Coco, Otto and Spike the Wonder Dog.

After three decades of solid entertainment, fun and prizes (not necessarily in that order) the EAST SIDE PHARAOHS continue their special brand of stage antics.

Hepkat - 2002

Notable Performances:

Riff - 2002

The Pharaohs have been billed with Marie Osmond, The Kingsmen, Jan & Dean, Grass Roots, Elly May Clampett, Gary Lewis, Jean Shepard and Boxcar Willie. They have also performed at People's Fair, Farmfest USA, Rock Producer's Association, World's Largest Sock Hop, Walking Bridge Music Festival and Midwest's Greatest Car Show.

The EAST SIDE PHARAOHS are all members of the jet set and work hard to make your rock & roll dreams come true. It is the Pharaohs' vision to be sure that fun, dancing and prizes become a global reality!!

Flashback - LeMay's

The EAST SIDE PHARAOHS are: Riff, Flashback, Maudie Bucks, Hepkat Pat and Deputy Dan.

Pharaoh Biographies

Riff 2000 Riff. Bass, Vocals, Prizes.

Riff has been a fixture in the Pharaohs since the band's inception. His past time activities include bike riding, taking long walks, watching TV and yodeling.

Throughout his musical career Riff has been a member of the following bands:
  • Spiff Cool
  • Oak Grove String Band
  • Kristi Vibrant
  • Hobart and the TV Sets
  • Long Journey Home Bluegrass Band
  • Flathead Cats

An unconfirmed rumor says that Riff was once part of the band Jethro Dull and the Country Pencils

Flashback 2003 Flashback. Lead Guitar, Vocals, Musical Arranging.

Flashback joined the Pharaohs in 1993. His interests include classical guitar, exotic cooking and listening to avant garde music.

His musical influences include: Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Grateful Dead, Beethoven, Mango Jam, Dave Ray, Nine Inch Nails and Segovia.

Over the years Flashback has jammed with dozens of musicians playing a wide variety of music.

Bands he has been a member of include: Leather & Lace, Night Flight and Key City.

Maudie Bucks 2001 Maudie Bucks. Lead Vocals, Percussion.

Maudie has spent years singing country and was toured with a band in Las Vegas and the surrounding area where she sang with Tom Jones.

Her vocals provide a unique dimension to the the East Side Pharaohs dynamic sound.

She spends her free time with her family and listening to the music of Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt as well as the classic country songs of the 50's and 60's.

Hepkat Pat. Saxophone.

Hepkat has been playing saxophone all his life.

During his school years he was a member of the Lancers 77 Marching Band.

He began his career with the East Side Pharaohs as one of the Ferrets, the horn section that would periodically perform with the Pharaohs and provide a strong brass background of saxophone, trumpet and trombone.

Hep Cat Pat 3000

Dan Jan 2003 Deputy Dan. Drums.

Danny has been playing music since childhood. Besides playing drums with the East Side Pharaohs he is also an accomplished fiddle player and plays mandolin and guitar as well.

His musical experience includes playing for years in his family's band The Larry Robinson Show where he backed up such luminaries as Jethro Burns and Marvin Rainwater.

He spends his non-musical time raising horses and enjoying the country life.

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