Cut Nose
Who Stands On a Cloud
by Loren Dean Boutin

Cut Nose - Who Stands On A Cloud by Loren Dean Boutin

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"Dean Boutin, after exhaustive research and thoughtful analysis, has given us the definitive life story of a historical figure deeply human yet undeniably tragic."
-- John Koblas, author of Let Them Eat Grass: The Indian Uprising of 1862

"I am in admiration with regard to your objectivity in dealing with a highly explosive subject matter, a culturally distinct person, Cut Nose. . . . I have now become convinced that it is time to reveal the times and actions of Cut Nose. Based on my experiences, I feel that any tyhpe of healing can only commence when disclosure of the facts, such as they are, are revealed."
-- Ed Red Owl, Sisseton, SD, a direct descendent of Cut Nose

Written by Loren Dean Boutin, Cut Nose: Who Stands on a Cloud is the true story Cut Nose, a Dakotah Native American who was a primary instigator and leader in a merciless uprising against white settlers that massacred hundreds of men, women, children, and the elderly. This uprising was eventually crushed with brutal retaliation, and in retribution the native population as a whole was forcibly relocated, with numerous casualties. Cut Nose and thirty-seven others were hanged, and buried at an unknown grave site that was subsequently desecrated and robbed. Thoroughly documented, Cut Nose: Who Stands on a Cloud recounts the desperate times and broken treaty promises that helped spark the rebellion; Cut Nose's youth, marked by promiscuity and a burning desire to become a great hunter; and his adult attitude that only complete extermination of white settlers was acceptable; and the terrible uprising as well as its outcome, including the decree to hang thirty-eight alleged prisoners signed by President Abraham Lincoln. A fascinating close study of history and a recommended addition to Native American biography shelves.
-- Midwest Book Review

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