Tumithak Trivia Quiz, Book 1:
Tumithak of the Corridors
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Tumithak Lady in Web
Picture by Michael Dal Cerro
How did the Shelks from Venus invade Earth?
Teleportation. A Stolen Tellurian airship.
They built space ships. A nebulous cloud of gas.

What did the Earthlings NOT use
for defense in their battle with the Shelks?
Disintigrating rays. Subterranean caverns.
Deadly gases. A protective shield.

Which underground city was closer to the Earth's surface?
Yakra. Telluria.
Nonone. Loor.

On his journey to the surface of the Earth, what did Tumithak
destroy with the bomb his father had provided for him?
Vampire bats. Dogs.
Robots. A Dragon.

Tumithak became skilled at using three forms of weaponry.
Which was he NOT an expert with?
Sling. Sword.
Bow. Axe.

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