Tumithak Trivia Quiz, Book 4:
Tumithak and the Ancient Word
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After the pit people captured the six cities of the Shelks
What did they use to build their homes?
Trees from the forest. Abandoned Shelk Airships.
Wreckage from Shelk Towers. Brick from the village of Tain.

After Tumithak's ornithopter collided with a Shelk flyer,
what creature was still alive on the enemy airship?
An Esthett. A Shelk prince.
A unicorn. A woman from Yakra.
Tumithak brandishing sword
Picture by Michael Dal Cerro

How was Tumithak's search team captured?
They were disabled by fire-hose machines. Bolos on asbestos cords.
Trapped by attack dogs. They surrendered when their equipment lost power.

What did Tholura discover in the caverns?
Books of Science & Mathematics. More disintigrating machines.
Plans for building flying ships. Tellurian crystals.

How did Tumithak's team escape from the Shelks?
They stole a Shelk airship. They used a disintigrating machine.
They disabled the Mog guards. They dug an escape tunnel.

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