Tumithak Trivia Quiz, Book 3:
Tumithak of the Towers of Fire
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Tumithak Lady in Web
Picture by Michael Dal Cerro
After slaying several Shelks,
what property did Tumithak acquire?
An airship. A disintigrating machine.
A Mog from Kaymak. A cache of power rods.

Who were the Arzans?
Imperial Shelk troops. Slave laborers.
Specialized Mogs. Pirates from the Mountain Caverns.

What happened to Zar-Emo's power rod factory?
The Shelks captured it. The power rods blew it up.
A Shelk airship crashed into it. It was deemed obsolete and abandoned.

What did Tumithak's army NOT do to prepare for their battle with the Shelks?
Drilled and trained the troops. Practiced their flying skills.
Created more tunnels. Built more power rods.

Why did Tumithak hesitate before destroying the Shelk's factory?
His fire-hose was losing power. The Arzans were imprisoned below the factory.
He thought the factory was a phony. It was well guarded by Shelk flyers.

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