Tumithak Trivia Quiz, Book 2:
Tumithak in Shawm
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What function did the Mogs of Earth provide
for the Shelks of Venus?
Construction workers
for the metal towers.
Hunt and gather food
for the Shelks.
To hunt and capture the Tains. Entertainment.

After Tumithak and Nikador escaped from the tower in Shawm,
how did they get away from the Shelks?
A hidden passageway. The river.
A Tain airship. An ancient monorail.
Tumithak brandishing sword
Picture by Michael Dal Cerro

Why did the Shelks allow the Earthlings, Datto and Thorpf to live?
Datto disabled the Shelks and the two escaped. They needed knowledge of the Corridors.
To fatten them up for food. To replace the two Mogs that Thorpf had killed.

Why did the Shelks prefer to hunt in the pit of the Tains?
The Tains were plumper for food. Gold and Silver.
The Tains were weaker. The caverns were close to the surface.

What was the purpose of the white rods
Nikador removed from the Shelk transport vehicle?
Power for the disintigrating machine. Satellite antennae.
Atomic projectiles. Support rods for airship construction.

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